What Are The Risks Of Erectile Dysfunction?


The term erectile dysfunction signifies penile dysfunction which is again the inability of the penis to set off erections required for necessary physical intercourse. Poor flow of blood to the penis results in erectile dysfunction and a range of physiological and psychological causes are responsible for male impotence which is another name for erectile dysfunction.

Psychological factors

It is well known that erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological factors like depression, stress, nervousness about sex and other physiological factors like diabetes and spinal cord injuries. But along with the causes above if I say that cigarette smoking is another factor that may lead you to erectile dysfunction, it might appear utterly striking to you? Not only are you, my dear friend, but most of the smoking addicted guys all over the world also are not aware of the supreme hazards like erectile dysfunction, that cigarette smoking can lead you to.

What I particularly mean to say is that sexual fulfilment in life is dear to all and no guy with his reasoning conscience of mind will place himself at a position which would further make him unable to embark on a sexual joyride with his wife. If a smoker by any means comes to know the relationship between erectile dysfunction and smoking then before putting the cigarette to his lips the next time, he would think twice and not, in any case, put himself at the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Health and Hygiene

Do all these musings on health and hygiene make sense to you? If not then you are free to search the internet and confirm the facts. Or the best thing would be to consult your physician on the details on cigarette smoking, its harms as well as consequences. You would definitely find your physician mentioning smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco substances as one among the prominent factors responsible for the mushrooming of the dreaded malady erectile dysfunction all over the world.

Don’t you want to move on with life without falling in the clutch of erectile dysfunction? If yes, then from now on pledge that you won’t smoke anymore. You can just write down the vow “I won’t smoke” on a piece of paper and pin it on the wall so that the next time when you feel cravings for your favorite piece of cigarette the content on the piece of paper would help you all the more to abstain from cigarette smoking and other tobacco containing substances.


Many people might consider alcohol to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac because, when you drink your sexual desire becomes heightened. The problem with this is that the consumption of alcoholic beverages raises the risk of erectile dysfunction in men making it a false aphrodisiac. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that excessive alcohol consumption can impair your sexual ability.

Most of the time alcohol is used to break the ice or loosen things up before sexual activity. Even though it might increase your desire to have sexual intercourse, the consumption of alcoholic beverages can easily cause erectile problems that will make it difficult, if not impossible even to begin sexual intercourse. The reason for this is that a few drinks will dilate your blood vessels. With your blood vessels being wide open, the blood that gets into your penis cannot stay there.


Erectile dysfunction over time has been a serious issue for most men, and some have ignored the fact the healthy living can help out. It is very important that men with such problem should endeavour to live healthily.

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